Fluogram parties: The first invisible UV parties in the world

Halloween, dark and bright: Fluogram neon party at Heart Ibiza


To watch our parties with Paris Hilton, Cathy Guetta, Claptone, Disclosure, Lost Frequencies, Boris Brejcha, Club Cheval and much more, have a look to our other videos.


About the Fluogram Party:

More than simply a fluorescent evening, Fluogram Parties aren’t necessarily always in the dark. They go much further to heighten the experience, including:

- Stamp stands, where you can get an unlimited number of UV ink patterns stamped on you that will only be revealed once you’re under black light

-  Separate areas of black and white light

-  Fluogram Kool Kits

By watching the videos you’ll see why everyone at our parties is always taking selfies!


 Fluogram Party with use of black lights and Fluogram invisible ink

(pink, yellow and blue)on the Claptone masks at the Showcase club, Paris.


Evening with Lost Frequencies.

 We did invisible tattoos an gave out Fluogram invisible ink pens.

The ink is visible only in black light. 

 A Fluogram Party at “La Cité de la mode et du design”, Paris.

 With Fléchette, our magnificent drag queens and slow motion dancers.


Videos of club nights featuring our famous stamp stands and some famous DJs

Fluogram for Sweet Home in Paris, in an 800m2 loft with a swimming pool!

 Immaculate walls, beautiful smiles and invisible stamps on every body.



Invisible Fluogram show shot in 2012 at the creation of the Dailymotion studios. This is our first video in invisible ink! At the time we were using the first UV light strobe light, which we made ourselves ;)

 Eman with the invisible Disclosure design (made with our pens), evening with Panteros 666 at Faust, Paris. Mixtures of black light and sweeping white light ;)

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Fluogram for the famous french Hip Hop Yard Party at Showcase club, Paris.

 UV kits - UV LED rings and a pen with invisible fluorescent ink, Fluogram stand.

Showcase club, Paris, 2015. Fluorescent makeup and rings with UV LEDs and mini pens with Fluogram invisible ink. Most of the club was placed under black light! (this was before we had invented our invisible stamps).

We are THE black light specialists

Fluogram is a company that specializes in black light.

We’re based in Ibiza, and we organize Fluogram parties in Ibiza, Europe and Colombia.

Our concept that uses invisible fluorescent ink allows us to make stunning invisible stamps on our clients who are partying in nightclubs.

We are the only ones using invisible ink.

Organizers of fluorescent parties, we use all fluorescent colours.

We know the secret alchemy of black light and invisible ink.

Organization of fluorescent parties, the neon of Ibiza. Organizers of fluorescent evenings. Fluorescent Ibiza, invisible.