Fluogram at Palacio Vistalegre Arena, Madrid


We make the best UV lamps in the world of events:

-50W or 100W led UV 

-365nm, the best wavelength for every fluorescent material

-Wood filter to protect your eyes and make the UV light almost invisible


-water resistant IP66


This lamp has the same visual effect as 2 blackguns 400W, that are 8kg each, for only 100W rated power and 2.4 kgs

It is also 8 times more compact than a blackgun 400W


This is the most compact 365nm UV light ever. We use new generation led chips and strong wood filters to ensure you the best experience

The light comes with its own Fluogram flight case.

The web is in love with our videos !

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Fluogram's Blacklight chandelier : cristal, neon resin and blacklights inside

Black light (UV) and invisible fluorescence

Fluogram is the creation of a duo of artists who innovate and evolve in black light. 

We come from Paris but live in Valencia, our beloved city. Our project is growing simultaneously in France, Ibiza, Cuba and Columbia

Our love and passion for black light (otherwise known as UV light), crystals and fluorescence led us to create the first black light chandeliers in the world! They’re nothing short of hypnotic, with dazzling fluorescent colours and stunning reflections.

We also invented the first invisible fluorescent parties : the Fluogram Party, and created a new kind of led UV lights.

Fluogram is originaly an art project that uses UV light and invisible ink to create its impressive effect.

That effect is something inventive that you’ve never seen before. Something that leads you into another world.

We use invisible inorganic pigments and our own led UV blacklights.


The black light acts as a bridge. It allows you to experience virtual colors within our own reality.

Who are we?


Fluogram was created in 2012 by Emmanuel Herschon and Candy Simanguila. Their concept mixes virtual colours with reality and will reveal to you an invisible parallel world full of colour.



Find out more:

Our workshop’s address:



Calle Justo Vilar 9, Bajo 8

46011 Valencia,



Email: Emmanuel@fluogram.com

: +34 640028805